Visiting a Biodynamic Market Garden

A couple of weeks ago I visited a "Demeter" Biodynamic Market Garden not far from where I live and took their two hour tour.... it wasn't what I expected. Now to be fair I have visited a couple of "Demeter" Biodynamic farms in my area and have never seen any as high-tech as this one, … Continue reading Visiting a Biodynamic Market Garden

QR Compost

Maye Emily Bruce: Quick Return Source: QR Compost Born in Dublin, Ireland on 3rd May 1879, Maye Emily Bruce first purchased her own property in 1921, a neglected farm near Cirencester in the Cotswolds. Initially, she used the manure from the farm to restore and bring life to the stony Cotswold soil; however, the manure … Continue reading QR Compost


Sister Laurentia Dombrowski (1888-1979) was a nun at the abbey zur Heiligen Maria in Fulda, Germany. In 1950, while translating the annual chronicle of the English Benetictine Abbey Stanbrook, she became interested in Maye Emily Bruce and the Quick-Return-Preparation she had invented, which was a quick compost preparation. Sister Laurentia had the preparaton sent to … Continue reading Humofix