And Then There Were Three…

Twas the night before Christmas,  and I have finally found the time to write, and it will probably be my last post in 2018. We’ve gone from frozen temperatures to sopping wet 10°C in the garden this month. At the beginning of the month it was so cold, the water in the chicken coop froze solid, so I had to put a ceramic heating lamp into the coop to keep it above zero, and that worked quite well.

This month I also lost two of my hens to a hawk or hawks. So now I only have 3 hens and the rooster who all escaped unscathed. I have so many hiding places under hedges and bushes that they could have used to escape the attack, so for them it was just bad luck. I will get another 3 hens in the spring, so that the rooster has a bit more company and I have more than three eggs a day, as is now.


The lucky ones


The warmer and wetter weather here has been good for the lambs lettuce, it has doubled in size, but not yet big enough to pick. I have had to buy some for my christmas dinner, so maybe next year I should plant it earlier.


I was down in the garden today cleaning the chicken coop and spotted these bright green flower shoots emerging from my Hellebors. I love this no fuss plant. If it likes where it is planted then they will come back every year and given room, spread like a blanket. I planted white and crimson together.


Tomorrow I am cooking a feast for ten people, Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, all for my family and friends, Like my mother, aunt and grandmother did for me as a child when we were 12 around the big table.

So with Christmas upon us, I wish you all a lovely time with your family and friends, good cheer, and spirits and that you may enter the new year heathier, weathier and wiser, as I wish for myself.

God bless


2 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your hens, Erika! Unfortunately, I read this quite often. One of the ladies I follow on WordPress, has a homestead here in Dallas. She lost several hens to a bobcat attack in 2018. It’s sad. But we all have to pick ourselves up, start all over again and hope for the best.
    Happy New Year to you and family! To a great garden and chicken coop with many eggs in this new year. I always love to read your blogs. ❤
    ~ Tanja

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