Fear Not The Chainsaw..

March arrived with the usual fierce cold gusts of winds, and managed to tip my terrace bench over and rip the cover off the chicken pen, to my dismay. With weather like this, it’s either the shed or indoors for me. I did manage to sow a row of spinach in the garden on Friday though.

Indoors I have sowed my onions, celeriac, celery and some early kohlrabi and lettuce. This weekend I will be sowing my tomatoes, peppers and aubergines and maybe some herbs.

I am glad I got my hawthorn hedge cut at the end of February and now I only have to cut the thick branches into fire wood and shred the thinner branches, when the weather gives me a chance. I hope that the climbing rose and clematis on the rose arch will have more light to grow, and the pool will get a lot more sun.


The signs of Spring are in my garden, with the snowdrops, daffodils and forsythia in flower and the raspberry buds are green. Not long to go now before planting the first seeds in the garden is possible.


This year I have chosen only two sorts of potatoes, Charlotte and Maris Piper, an early and late potato. I made the mistake of planting too many and although some were large, I had a many smaller potatoes.

My next job is to cut the yew shading the vegetable beds. It was a hedge but has become a line of trees. I didn’t have a big enough chainsaw, and I was terrified of using one up until now, which is why it got so big and daunting. I don’t know what I will do with all the cuttings, but it must come down or it will just get bigger and scarier. I will probably let it dry and burn the lot I can’t use for fire wood. Looks like I will be needing my big fire pit a lot longer than I thought.

Note to self: never let your hedges or trees get out of hand. Hawthorn and yew can become monsters and the cherry laurel is also on my agenda of chainsaw projects!

Thank goodness I overcame my fear of chainsaws or I would be living in a dark forest in no time.



3 thoughts on “Fear Not The Chainsaw..

    • I’ll have to take a picture of the yew hedge before I cut it, so you can see just how big it has grown. Yes I will use the Yew trunks for firewood, but yew needles and the branches smoke a lot, as a friend of mine who wanted to help and burned them here found out, after the fire brigade turned up and scolded him.


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