Rain, Hail, Snow and Sunshine

Today we had rain, hail, snow and sunshine, and it was like the weather was having a full blown tantrum, but at least the wind has died down now. The chickens are the only ones that will go out in any weather. The dog and cat went out and then turned around and wanted to come right back in. Driving home I saw sheep with their backs covered in snow, it looked rather amusing, like they all had white coats on over their wool.

I braved the garden after the hail stopped to clean the chicken coop and take some photos. So here is the monster yew hedge I wrote about.

(The tall tree on the left behind the hedge is on my neighbor’s side and not part of the hedge.)


This is the one I will tackle first, as it is the one shading the first bed, where the potatoes are going to be planted. I will take it down in height about a third and cut it back on the sides. That little tree in the front is a half sized Victoria plum, for  those wondering. People will tell you not to cut a yew until it reaches the height you want. Well this is proof, that is not the case. The above is 10 years of growth. Below it is uncut in summer 2007. They will grow taller if you let them, that is if you choose the English or European yew (Taxus baccata). I’m not sure how the hybrids grow, as I have never had any.

view up from garden to hause 07.07.2007 Kopie

When we moved here from the city, my husband wanted a pond with koi, I wasn’t too keen on the idea but let him do his thing. The koi are no longer with us due to a very cold winter and being larger than the gold fish, they died. Now the goldfish keep breeding, so I think we have the great grand fish living with us now.

So here is the pond from different perspectives, because it is impossible to get it all on one picture.

From the upstairs window



Looking across the pond down the side of the house


A Koi in the pond with water lillies

Advice to anyone wanting water lillies, they don’t like moving water. I found that although the pump to clear the pond is on the opposite side behind the island, the water lilles wouldn’t appear if it was on.  Although the water didn’t appear to be moving at all around them.

When it was off the next year they reappeared. So I am between a rock and a hard place, maybe if I put the pump on after they surface, they won’t mind it. . They don’t seem to mind the fish swimming around them at all. Does anyone else have water lillies in their pond that can help?

I have the day off tomorrow for overtime, so fingers crossed that I can chop up most of the hawthorn branches and clear the area for the yew cuttings, if the weather calms down and stays dry for me.



4 thoughts on “Rain, Hail, Snow and Sunshine

  1. I can see why you want to reduce that yew hedge, but I’m glad to hear you’re not cutting it down altogether. It looks pretty healthy. Is it a windbreak? Those are good to have if you get a lot of wind during the growing season. And I seem to remember that yew can grow back from old wood, so a hard trimming shouldn’t kill it.

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    • Yes, the hedge does shelter the vegetable garden from wind, and I didn’t mind a bit of shade but it is now stopping all the sun until the early afternoon reaching the beds. Knowing my yews they will bounce right back after I cut them as if nothing ever happened.

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  2. Yes, the weather has been peculiar, even by British standards!

    Anyway, I see what you mean about your yew hedge needing cutting. Nice to know what I can expect from my baby taxus baccata as well.

    Your pond looks fabulous but sorry I can’t help with the water lilies. I have no experience of them – or water pumps.


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