Seedlings, Frogs, Blossoms and Bees

Yikes, March is on it’s way out and I haven’t finished the winter jobs yet! That is weather for you, never predictable and maybe that’s a good thing. This weekend I sowed onion seed and early carrots in the garden. The onions that I sowed indoors were a flop except for the large variety which is thriving along with the leeks.

I have decided not to pre-cuture a lot of things this year and just wait until I can sow them outside. Sort of an experiment to see what works better for me. So for now it is just the tomatoes peppers, celeries and leek.


Tomato and and Pepper seedlings… with a drowsy chicken


Leek and large onion seedlings


Celery and celeriac seedlings

I ate my own lambs lettuce in a salad yesterday, but I must sow it earlier next year and much more of it too, it would never have been enough to eat for Christmas. No spinach showing yet but I am hopeful.

My Japanese cherry is full in blossom, as is the mirabelle plum and in both the bees are swarming. Maybe I really should take up bee-keeping…. The frogs have also returned to my pond, I can hear them in the evenings croaking and can already see spawn.


I hope winter doesn’t change it’s mind and revisit us again, because I am seriously fed up with it now.

2 thoughts on “Seedlings, Frogs, Blossoms and Bees

  1. I’ve just finished spreading enhanced mulch (compost, manure, and alfalfa) over my perennial beds. I should have done that in February, but the whole month was cold and miserable. It’s easier to mulch before the plants have started growing. It’s great that you have frogs in your pond!

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