Rain In The May…

The first of May was lovely but now the rains have come again. Just when had a  lot of jobs lined up to do, having a week off work. Yesterday morning was fine and I was able to spread the compost on the beds. Where the heavy feeders will go, I used the compost down in the garden with the chicken manure, and the medium and weak feeders got the kitchen compost up by the house.


Kitchen Compost Bin

The compost is a year old and a lot more than I expected, so I won’t need to outsource compost anymore, if I am able to produce it at this rate.

I also planted my potatoes yesterday. I had dug a trench over the weekend, so I just had to load up a wheelbarrow full of kitchen compost, to plant them in. First I filled the trenches with compost and set the potatoes. The earlies (Charlotte) at 30cm apart and the maincrop (Maris Piper) at 37cm apart. Then I filled the trenches with more compost and watered them in.




This rain is a bother, because I wanted to plant the kolrabi, leeks and peas, that I had precultured, today. That won’t happen now but at least the water butts are full once again. The weather report tells me I’ll be back in the garden on Sunday, fingers crossed.

My tomatoes are still inside for now, but I am thinking they just might need bigger pots before I can plant them outside. As of now they don’t appear to be rootbound, so I`ll wait. The peas and herbs are outside acclimatising already, Today I`ll put the cabbages and leeks outside, they are currently in the cold shed. I could also start sowing the squashes, cucumbers and melons  indoors to keep me busy, if I choose big enough pots.

I have not cut the grass yet and yesterday while sitting with my coffee, next to the vegetable plot, I observed almost every dandelion had a bee or two on it collecting nectar. If you want to help the bees, which you should, afterall they have helped us since we started growing our food in ancient times. Simply do not cut the grass until the dandelion flowering has ended. Please don’t destroy one of their main sources of nectar in Spring by cutting your lawn too soon, even if your lawn looks a mess like mine does, it is worth it, because you’re feeding the bees and they are one of your oldest friends.



2 thoughts on “Rain In The May…

  1. UGH! I hated that, when I was taking vacation for three weeks. And then it rained about half to 3/4 of the time back in Germany. It rains here too, today. But the water is very welcome here in Texas. I hope, the weather will get better. And you can get more done in the garden.
    Happy Gardening, Erika! ❤

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